Binary Love. Algorithm Blues. A convulsive love, impossible dreams, burning and whirring like an overheating hard drive, corrupting your senses.

Every adventure starts with a Wifi connection. But where do we go ? Does it matter? Where is our narrative drive? Anything to distract us from our planned obsolescence.

An intangible mystery of the mind vibrating in my hand. Downloaded straight from heaven. It’s no longer yours. Our secret selves, the strange rhythms of our subconscious, hidden from ourselves, etched into a hard drive somewhere in Greenland. Your dreams flow through the stratosphere, and with that familiar vibration, flows into my life through a hand held device. Every half thought thought, every half said remark is absorbed by the stratosphere.

Share you drive with me, let our data streams merge, and what ever you do, never log off.

Ewan Golder / Félix Verhaverbeke

Ina Mihalache / Nicolette Picheral

Writer and Director
Ewan Golder

First Assistant Director
Léo Pacquelet

Director of Photography
Noé Bach

Computer Generated Images
Pierre-Yves Boirasmé

Camera Assistant
Cyril Cante

Gérald Durand
Antonin Boitier
Ophélie Vervacke

Script Supervisor
Mel Ryke

Costume Designer
Mirna Mihokovic

Hair and Make-up
Marie Bassy

Sound Recordist
Pierre Leblanc

Boom Operator
Yannick Delmaire

Sound Editors
Yannick Delmaire
Amine Arrom

Sound Mixing
Yannick Delmaire

Music By
Ewan Golder
Stanislav Makovsky

Sound Design
Stanislav Makovsky

Color Grading
Baptiste Evrard

‘Narrative Drive’
Written and Performed by
Ewan Golder, Ina Mihalache, Pierre George
Rémi Mencucci, Egor Shevchenko

Laura Haby
Dilana Molho

Produced by
Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains

Alain Fleischer

Digital Arts Coordinator
Eric Prigent

Artistic support
Yann Robin

Production Director
Jacky Lautem

Production Manager
Katell Paillard

Stéphanie Robin

Technical Director
Pascal Buteaux

Camera and Lighting Department
Julien Guillery, Olivier Anselot, Aurélie Brouet

Sound department: Blandine Tourneux

Post-production Department:
David Chantreau, François Lescieux

Post-production Consultant
Massimiliano Simbula
Jean-Michel Kabemba

Equipment and Auditorium: Le Fresnoy – Studio national

Additional equipment : Alive Events

Special Thanks
Madeleine Van Doren, Daniel Dobbels, Bruno Nuytten
Jake Wiener, Dave Mckenna, Varun Sasindran, Thierry Maes
Pascal Croain, Centre régional des arts du cirque de Lomme,
Christophe Grégorio, François Bedhomme, Vasil Tasevski
Pablo Valbuena, Béla Tarr, Sowhen?, Acte Académie,
Pictanovo, Photo Ciné Rent, Compagnie Par le mot !
Le Promotion De Manoel de Oliveira
Le Promotion De Chantal Akerman

Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains
is funded by the Ministry of Culture of Communication and the Hauts-de-France Region
with the support of the City of Tourcoing.
The technical equipments was co-financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).
Copyright © Ewan Golder – Le Fresnoy – Studio national – 2017
All rights reserved