For his 2022 DAD FILM Ewan Golder has used footage from films and video documentation of a variety of projects commissioned by Dover Arts Development over the last 14 years:

War and Peace – Dominic de Vere
Blackberry Tonic – Colin Priest
Preparing to go up the line – John Dargan
Nautical Threads, Dad 4 Dads & Keep Going – Ewan Golder
Heaps and Lines and Hearts and Mines – Louisa Love
Watermark – Marianne Kapfer
Moontalk & A Parable for Endeavour – Joanna Jones, Helen Lindon, Clare Smith
Bakers, Makers and Brewers Fair – Cathy Rogers
Re-Veil-Le & La Mer : from Hokusai to Courbet – Joanna Jones and Dominic De Vere
Park Bench – Joanna Jones
Weathertime – Joanna Jones and Sebastian Edge
The Dover Banksy and Brexit – Martin Rosefelt, Cristoph Krauss
Sound of Tide, Experimental Linked, Light and Exposure – Tae Ho Kim
IMG_1352 – Zhongfu Su
The Painter and The Musician – Richard Bundy, Paul Cheneour, Joanna Jones
A Kearnsey Discovery – Philip Saunders
Composition and improvisation workshop at Dover Boys Grammar led by Matthew Sharp. Workshops in Dover District schools, Entre Phare et Shaft/Between Beacon and Shaft – Miles Umney
Workshop in Spontaneous Creativity – Korinna McRobert
Carborundum Printing with Euphemia MacTavish -Euphemia MacTavish

DAD has worked with Ewan Golder since 2013. His first film for DAD was Nautical threads followed by Keep Going and then Dad4Dads.

This film was produced for the DDF21 DAD Digital Festival and supported using public funding from Arts Council England.