DAD 4 DADS: The Six Ways To Well Being

The DAD4DADs 6 WAYS 2 WELLBEING project film is a wonderful acheivement and legacy to an exceptional project. It shows the dynamic relationship between Dover Arts Development (DAD) and partners the Jasmin Vardimon Company, the practitioners: Richard Bundy, Luke Burrough, Greg Stobbs, Leah Thorn and filmmakers Ewan Golder and Dominic Pillai.
It features the wellbeing support team: Diane Mae Bundy, Natalie Prior and Jane James.
The schools: Astor College for the Arts, East Kent College, Folkestone Academy, Sandwich Technology School and all the young people involved in the project.
A fantastic group of people able to deliver a fantastic project due to the forsight of the commissioners: KCC, Artswork and Royal Opera House Bridge shaping the project to provide not only equality of opportunity but excellence of opportunity through public health’s Six Ways to Wellbeing.